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Do My Thing

feat 2ble Jay and edZone

Your Love

AWAL's First Single!

Cloud 9

AWAL loves mixing up musical styles and collaborating with other artists. Released in 2019, Cloud 9 has already been featured on RapNation and Spotify Editorial Playlists. Check out Michael Kraun and AWAL!


Other than meeting fans, there is nothing that AWAL loves more than writing new music and recording it in the studio. There is no doubt that AWAL is a musician that’s here to stay.

Show Me Love

“Show Me Love,” has a sizzling sound that entrances you with the instrumentation almost immediately. The smooth and sultry vibes of this jam create a hybrid fusion between the genres of R&B and Electro Pop throughout the mesmerizing progression of the song. AWAL has a heavenly way of vocalizing the well-crafted lyrics she sings regarding that special person in your life that sees you for more than what you are on the surface all while giving you the love and attention that you truly deserve.


Since the spark of the Black Lives Matter Protests, I had been on the frontlines in NYC. I reached a point of burn out where I was emotionally, mentally, and spiritually exhausted. There are women who have been fighting for years beyond me. Watching this movement fight back and stand up with Black women leading has been the most impactful moment of 2020 for me."



Word on the Street

AWAL Wins Free Trip to Atlanta to Perform for A&Rs from T.I. and B.o.B's Record Labels.

“Show Me Love,” has a sizzling sound that entrances you with the instrumentation almost immediately.

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Cloud 9 with Michael Kraun


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A Musical Beginning

Shining at the forefront of the music scene, AWAL embarked on an innovative music career in 2019 and hasn’t looked back since. From an early age, AWAL always knew that music was life’s calling, and set out on a mission to become a respected solo artist.

Being adopted by two pastors and one of the only black girls in town, AWAL experienced a lot of bias and micro-aggressions that only fueled her fire to be heard and represented in a world that doesn’t see you for what’s inside first.

AWAL’s music takes her small town vibe mixed with her sultry voice to create a sound that makes you wanna move and feel sexy, and empowered. 


Origin: Lock Haven Pa

City: New York City

Genre: RnB, Pop, Hip Hop

Years Active: 2019 - Present

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